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May 23, 2018



Windows PC

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Whitevale Defender is a classic strategy tower defense game that is simple to learn but challenging. Your main goal is to stop the evil King Balmek's war machines from reaching your castle through 14 years of a siege. If your castle is destroyed you lose. Between each year you can upgrade your defenses, but you must allocate your upgrade points carefully. It's a game you can keep playing to unlock new towers and tools that will get you closer to the boss each play through. The game gives you a small amount of money each wave, but to beat the game you will need manage your money flow by building mining drills to excavate minerals. There are several nuances to the strategy for you to uncover as you play.


Whitevale Defender started out as a 48 hour weekend jam game for Ludum Dare 37 in December 2016. The theme was "One Room" and I completed it completely solo. I wanted to create a tower defense game for years because I loved playing them inside Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 3 custom maps. I actually had no intention to expand upon the game because originally I was using the game jam as an excuse to be alone for a weekend. Back then I was having a tough time emotionally because I hated my job so much but the money was too good. Eventually I quit that job, and my wife and I decided to move ourselves and our 2 year old daughter to northern California and I began creating games full time. That small tower defense game I made in 20 hours for Ludum Dare turned out to be the foundation for Whitevale Defender.


  • Build defenses carefully along multiple criss crossing paths

  • Utilize traps and explosives to survive in the heat of the moment

  • Build mining drills to excavate minerals to improve your economy

  • Unlock powerful rewards that completely alter how you play

  • Retro 1-bit (ish) visuals and a chiptune soundtrack



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whitevale defender story
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Sugarsnapp Games is a one man game studio striving to create magical experiences for other people. The same magic the founder felt as a kid playing games with his dad like "A Link to the Past", "Might & Magic VII", "Secret of Mana", "Warcraft 1", "Mega Man X", "Diablo II" & "Super Metroid". It was founded by Christopher Fibich in December 2017 after leaving his corporate job at a Railroad company in Omaha, Nebraska, and moving his family to Northern California.




Christopher Fibich - Designer, programmer, artist