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Available To Buy NOW!

Available To Buy NOW!

Purchasing is available through Steam, Game Jolt, and Itch.io. For quick & simple buy from Game Jolt or Itch.io. But Steam is best if you are already a Steam user.




“Quite an accomplished design here that addresses the punishing balance issues prevalent in many Tower Defense games. A bit short and medium difficulty is a bit easy, but the feedback loop is clever.”

- Steam Curator, Designer Plays

If your looking for a good ol' tower defense game, but you want it to be all retro, then this is the game for you. I'd say the idea is great. I often thought of my next plan to take action in my head. I feel Indie games like this don't get glory all the time. Now at the time writing this, I just got it when it came out. I like how the story is set up. I haven't seen a setting like this before. This tower defense game is probably one of the best I've played, (aside from BloonsTD). If you want to have a good time planning, playing and time killing, than this is the game for you...

- Steam Purchaser

“The game will perfectly suit the family and also amuse you with great graphics and history, and there are many strategies to try.”

- Steam Curator, Club Games Reviewer

Help King Theodore save the city of Whitevale from hordes of war machines in this handcrafted, retro strategy defense game

Defend your Castle

Each year the evil King Balmek will send a variety of war machines at you 

Improve your Economy

Mine minerals to build more defenses.

Powerful Rewards

Use the crowns you earn to unlock powerful rewards that completely change the way you play

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whitevale defender story
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