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Out-position your friends in this two player strategy board game. The first ever digital version of the centuries old board game, Dara.


  • Interactive Tutorial: Play through an interactive tutorial to quickly learn how to play - if you can't remember, play through the tutorial anytime to refresh your memory (or just refer to the in-game text rules).

  • Multiplayer: Play against your friends in local hot-seat multiplayer

  • Computer AI Opponent: Hone your strategy against a computer AI opponent. So you can even play by yourself!

  • Classic Mode: The normal game of Dara where you and your friend start with 12 pieces. Pure skill.

  • Advanced Mode: An optional mode. It offers a fresh take on the game, exclusive to Daka Dara, that adds a little randomness. You and your friend start with 10 pieces but there are two neutral pieces that move around the board randomly. Can you overcome the luck and still out-position them?

  • No Draws: Because of how the rules work, the game cannot end in a draw. Someone will always win!


daka dara title screen
daka dara tutorial
daka dara players
daka dara modes
daka dara gameplay
daka dara gameplay
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